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Terms & Conditions 

We can't wait to party with you, but we can't forget the legal stuff to ensure your booking process and painting experience is a memorable one. No worries, we'll be brief! As Kolor My Kanvas we stand by these promises;

  1. Agrees to provide an Art Instructor that will serve the purpose of teaching step by step instruction on how to paint your selected artwork via your selected platform. Event Hosts will be available for Live Events of 7 or more. 

  2. Paint Kits will include presketched canvas, paint, paint brushes, apron, cup for water, pallette, and instructional tip sheet with picture of your artwork. 

  3. Events range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on painting selection. 

COVID-19 (Virtual Events)

  1. For virtual live events, hostess &/or guests must log in on time. We encourage guests to log in at least 2-5 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for technical difficult. We can delay the start of your event for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes , we will begin your event with guests who are on the video call. All virtual events are recorded. If you or your guests log onto the video late or have technical difficulties, and we have already begin recording, you can tune in and continue with us, or we can send you the recording at the end of your event. Please Note: Recordings take about 45 minutes to record and an additional 10-15 minutes to dub and process for sharing.  We are not responsible for technicial difficulties with Zoom. Please ensure you create an account and visit the following link to gain insight if you and/or your guests are unfamiliar with Zoom.

  2. Agrees that guests must paint pre-selected painting during event. No changes can be made once booking form is submitted and event confirmed.

  3. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the postal service is not as reliable as they have been in the past. We cannot assume responsibility for postal delays or lost mail due to the USPS postal service. All kits are shipped on Fridays. Please submit payment for kits in far enough advance to allow at least 4-7 business days to receive your package.​

Individual Paint Kits do not include private one on one instruction. You will receive a "vibe with us" link that will introduce our company, play music and guide you through as you follow your written instructions. 

Minimum Guest/ Photo & Video Policy/ Shipping 

Hostess agrees to ensure that the minimum numbers of required guests are in attendance and have made payment 7 days  prior to event date. Hostess is responsible for the balance at the time of the party if the minimum is not met.


Note: All parties are allotted 10 minutes before and after the EVENT to allow guests to arrive, get settled in, and to make finishing touches to their painting.


A booking fee/deposit of $65 is required to secure a private paint party. This fee is nonrefundable and non transferable. It is not applied to balance of event. It is a separate fee. 

Hostess & guests agrees that KMK has permission to take photographs and/or video during events hosted by Kolor My Kanvas, or any of it affiliates for promotional/marketing purpose. 

We ship via USPS  Priority Mail. Although we receive tracking numbers we are unable to guarantee your order will arrive as scheduled by USPS . We cannot be held responsible for packages that arrive late. No refunds will be issued for late arrivals. 

Cancellation Policy 

Kolor My Kanvas requires at least a 7 day notice if you wish to reschedule your event. No refunds are given for events. If you cancel within the 7 day window, your booking fee can be transferred for another date within the next 6 months. 


Please Note: If you cancel your event, guests who purchase kits for your event can receive credit for their ticket which can be used for a paint kit ( guest must pay shipping) or public event.  No refunds are given for guest purchases. Guests can receive credit only. 

No refunds are given for virtual event paint kits. All sales are final.


Please Note: If a guest cancels, and you do not meet the minimum for our mobile paint experience, you will be required to cover the balance to ensure your minimum is met. 


(Please email if you have any questions, or contact us directly at 832-736-0639)

Inclement Weather or State of Emergency 

We understand that we do not have control of the weather or state of emergencies. In the event that a painting class must be cancelled by either party due to inclement weather or state of emergency, we will gladly reschedule your event as priority for a new date within the next 6 months.  No refunds will be issued for inclement weather or state of emergency cancellations. Please note that although we cannot predict the weather or a storm's path, the safety of our hostesses, guests, and staff is our #1 concern. 

Waiver of Responsibility & Liability 

Kolor my Kanvas is not responsible for damages to furniture, clothing, floors, carpets, upholstery, and any other items belonging to hostess or guests resulting from painting. Acrylic paint can stain clothing and fabrics if handled improperly.  It is the responsibility of the hostess to explain this to the guests prior to payment for event. Payment of invoices ( paypal payments) for event acknowledges that all participates understand the risks. Kolor my Kanvas will not reimburse for such damages. 


Kolor My Kanvas does not provide alcohol to guests. The hostess is responsible for the consumption of alcohol during the event and Kolor My Kanvas assumes no responsibility for accidents or damages to hostess & property and guests & property during event. Please note that Kolor My Kanvas, its contractors, employees and all staff exercise the right to stop services and exit any event at any time when circumstances and/or surrounding become or appear to become potentially dangerous or unsafe. In the event this happens, no refunds will be issued.


The hostess, guests, and non painting participants of any and all to which Kolor My Kanvas is hired  agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Kolor My Kanvas, its owners, contractors, and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, losses, actions and liabilities including: injury to persons, damage to property, including but not limited to those cause by any service, food, or alcohol provider and/or their products; except for such claims , demands, losses, actions or liabilities that arise out of willful negligence associated with painting supplies and equipment or willful misconduct by said owners, contractors, and affiliates of Kolor My Kanvas. Kolor my Kanvas and its staff is not held responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten articles.

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