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Hey there, friends, and welcome to our world! We're just your regular couple who found joy in entertaining and decided to turn this passion into an opportunity to craft unique experiences for our community. Our story began back in 2005, in a lively bar, where a chance meeting led to exchanged numbers and, well, the rest is history! Fast forward through the years, and here we are, proud parents to twin 22-year-old sons making their mark in college and a vibrant 17-year-old daughter. 


Art and entertainment have always been at the heart of our family. When our kids were younger, we immersed ourselves in the world of plays, art activities, and creative writing. These days, when we're not busy with work, you'll find us hosting gatherings at home, surrounded by friends and family, sharing stories and laughter.

Kolor My Kanvas came to life in 2016, inspired by a visit to a local studio. While we had fun, we craved something more – longer, more personal connections, and art that reflected the world we see every day. Painting that pastoral horse was charming, but we yearned to create art that mirrored our everyday experiences. With a family legacy of entrepreneurship guiding us, we knew we had the recipe for exceptional customer service, effective management, and a brand that lasts.

Our vision with Kolor My Kanvas is simple: to create a space where families and groups from all walks of life can come together, bond, and express themselves through art. We're dedicated to offering you an experience that's a little different, a little more 'you'. We're excited to bring our paint party to your doorstep and can't wait to see the beautiful memories you'll create. Let's make art, let's make moments, let's make memories – together.

- Eric & LaTonya Smith


Experience the ultimate party on wheels in the heart of Houston, Texas with our vibrant party truck, stationed in the lively 3rd Ward district. Get ready to move to the beat as a skilled DJ keeps the energy high. Whether you're looking to create lasting memories with a private group or simply want to join the fun, snag your tickets and hop aboard for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Houston's cultural scene.


Smith Ave. is a chic & intimate event studio perfect for entertaining your most sacred and memorable events.


A space that pairs value with design is what Smith Ave. has to offer. Natural lights, chic & modern designs with elements of culture is the perfect backdrop for your gathering. 

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